French Cutting

French Haircut


The French Style of haircutting is perfect for the Coastal Climate of Wilmington.  The hair is cut to have movement and texture, and unlike British Haircutting, it’s a top down process, giving soft almost invisible layers keeping the ends thick and healthy.

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Classic Balayage


 Lasts 3-6 months

This is a French highlighting technique to recreate the effects of the sun.  This color technique is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have permanent color and who wants a beautiful low-maintenance sun-kissed look. Balayage is a perfect way to have end of summer hair all year. 

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Tropez Highlights 


Can last 10-12 weeks

This is our signature highlight service, if you want to have beautiful highlights that have a soft grow out. Think traditional highlights but better!    

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Can last 3-6 months

This is a combination of micro-foil highlights and hand-painted or blended highlights wrapped in foil to eliminate any brassy tones. Formulated for dark hair, this service will give you dimension by adding light and depth to create stunning hair that will last. 

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Malibu Highlights


Lasts about 6 months

This is a two-part process that recreates perfect “kid hair.”  In one session, you can make a complete transformation.  This service can be done on anyone! Whether your have "virgin hair" or have dark permanent color, you can achieve your hair goals in one day.

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Color Touchup


Our root touchup service is to keep your hair looking youthful. Ask us about the color extender kit for your hairline and part-line so you can skip an appointment!

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