Hair Cutting

french hair cutting style

The French Style of haircutting is wonderful for climates with a lot of humidity, working best when the hair has been blown dry and styled or is in its’ natural state, making it perfect for the coastal climate of Wilmington. 

The hair is cut to have movement and texture and unlike British haircutting it’s a top down process, giving soft, almost invisible layers while keeping the ends thick and healthy. With this type of cutting, stylists remove the weight while keeping their eye on the response of the hair. It creates soft layers without any harsh lines. The last thing we cut is the bottom perimeter of the hair shape; the hair itself will often dictate the ultimate length.

The French Cut creates a relaxed, sexy, tousled look with a lot of invisible layers to create texture and movement. It gives you soft, feminine hair that can you can style as little or as much as you like and still turn heads.