Balayage, Summer Hair All Year Long!

Balayage is a type of hand painted highlights, the term literally means "to sweep" in French. Unlike traditional foil highlights that saturate through the section of hair, balayage clay-based lightener is applied in a sweeping motion onto the top layer of hair, recreating a sun-kissed look. Natural highlights from the sun are concentrated around the face and at the bottom of the hair because those areas are exposed to the elements for the longest amount of time. Traditional foil highlights can create a concentration of color at the top of the head and leave the ends of your hair a shade darker, which can sometimes look unnatural. Highlights are a higher maintenance service needing to be touched up every 4-6 weeks, whereas balayage can last between 10-28 weeks as you get a softer long-lasting grow out.

When I am painting balayage I am looking at the overall color and wave pattern of hair as well as taking into consideration the ways the hair is worn, so I can create a custom look that will last.

Balayage is a great choice if you don’t have permanent color on your hair and if you want low maintenance natural highlights to brighten your skin without the tell-tale line in your hair. Many people can get balayage between 2-4 times a year with a quick Color Glossing and haircut between services.  


classic balayage
blonde balayage
balayage highlights
blonde balayage highlights